Summer Sleep

When someone visits the team at Sleep Center at Comprehensive, they usually feel like they have gone through every option to find better sleep. A challenge that’s emerged, through discussions with our patients locally, is people have trouble sleeping during the hotter days of the year.

Many people just can’t seem to find the right methods to enjoy quality sleep when the temperatures increase, and the days are longer with later sunsets.

Sleep challenges can range from something inconvenient to ones that present major health risks for people with conditions like COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is an inflammatory lung disease that causes airflow constriction in the lungs. For those with known serious issues, it’s critical to get medical attention immediately. For those uncertain about the depth of their sleep issues, Sleep Center at Comprehensive have developed a few methods people can try who have trouble getting good sleep during the Summer months:

Focusing on Climate Control – Summer months in Las Vegas mean air conditioners that run, non-stop from late June to mid-September. Since air conditioning is always on, whether at home, in the car, at work or doing things like grocery shopping, it’s natural to not really think about temperatures in your environments. This holds especially true at home, where fellow residents of your home may also have input into the thermostat settings.

The Sleep Center at Comprehensive recommends that anyone having trouble sleeping in the Summer months take a few days and test out different temperatures to see if that makes a difference. This can include keeping your home warmer during the day and cooler at night, or vice versa. Note the temperatures you set on and how you react. It’s also important to note that a thermostat’s reading registers the exact location of the device. Your bedroom may be away from the temperature being monitored, and this can add or subtract a few critical degrees from what your perfect comfort zone could be so adjust for variances.

Add More Precision to Temperature Controls – If you find that your home’s temperature is not able to be fine-tuned to your exact specifications, you may want to consider replacing older thermostats with modern ones from companies like Nest or a similar smart thermostat system. This technology allows for precise timing of temperature adjustments, offering timing functionality that can be used to cool your home a short while before you get home, or before you are ready for bed.

Adjust Your Vents – In addition to the thermostat, a significant factor in cooling or heating a home, and specific rooms, is found in how vents are set up. This is often missed as people may not adjust vents in the Summer from how a home’s heater directs heat flow during Winter. Each air flow works better with different vent opening levels for heating or cooling. When you move from heat to air conditioning, or air to heat, make sure to pay attention to how your vents are set up in each room in your home.

Another important factor for vents is found in air filters. Summer comes after what is normally a very windy Spring, which drives dust in to homes. Making sure your air is as clean as possible with new air filters is good for your lungs, as well as heating and air conditioning systems. Nothing will cause more sleep problems – mentally and physically – than dealing with broken systems that can be costly to repair. Be sure to change filters at least every three months, if not more often depending on dust levels in your home.

Open Your Windows Occasionally – It can seem not wise to open your windows in the summer when temperatures are above 100, but it’s good for your home to allow some new, fresher air in from time to time. When you get up early in the morning, having your windows open for a few minutes is all you need to let some of that recycled air out, and some new air in.

There are many things for people to try to improve their sleep during the Summer, including taking cool showers, adjusting lighting and ceiling fans. It’s best to find natural ways to get good sleep, but if those don’t work, please visit Sleep Center at Comprehensive to see if medical remedies are necessary, as good sleep is key to good health.

Sleep Center at Comprehensive Can Help

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