Circadian Rhythm Disorders

cicadian rythm disorders

Sleep Center at Comprehensive treats Circadian Rhythm Disorders.

Circadian rhythm disorders are conditions in which the sleep times are irregular or out of alignment. Someone with this disorder will not follow a normal sleep schedule.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders Include:

Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase occurs when a person’s sleep is delayed by two or more hours. This disorder causes someone to go to bed at a later time, causing them to wake up later in the morning.

Advanced Sleep-Wake Phase occurs when someone goes to bed earlier than normal and wakes up earlier in the morning than a normal sleep pattern.

Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm is when a person’s sleep pattern is not regular at all. They have no defined pattern and may sleep at odd times.

Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Rhythm is when a person’s sleep patter changes little by little every day.

Shift Work is when someone has a non-traditional work schedule causing them to sleep at odd or inconsistent times.

Jet Lag occurs when someone travels to a different time zone and has difficulty adjusting or a regular sleep pattern.

Symptoms of circadian rhythm disorder:

  • Difficulty initiating sleep
  • Difficulty maintaining sleep
  • Nonrestorative sleep
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Poor concentration
  • Impaired performance, including a decrease in cognitive skills
  • Poor psychomotor coordination
  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal distress

Treatment for Circadian Rhythm Disorders

If you or a loved one suffers from one of these symptoms, a circadian rhythm disorder might be the root cause. We offer consultation, evaluation and treatment plans for those with this disorder and other sleep disorders that are similar. Contact us today to schedule a sleep study.

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