Bedding and Sleep

The Sleep Center at Comprehensive works closely with patients to find causes and solutions for sleep challenges. One of the factors that we encourage our patients to scrutinize is their personal sleeping arrangements, including beds and bedding. While many sleep challenges require medical solutions to treat, some trouble with sleeping can come from not having the right set up at home to get good sleep.

When starting with an examination of sleep, a first step is seeing where people sleep and how that environment is set up. Given how difficult – and expensive – it can be to change out a mattress, it’s helpful to focus on more easily replaced bedding. Making the right selections in bedding, given the climate like we have in Southern Nevada, is finding the right materials based on seasons.

Better Sleep with Good Sheets

During Las Vegas’ hot summer months, bedding made from linen and cotton are ideal fabrics for maximum comfort. The key to these fabrics is that they are often woven from natural fibers that breathe well, which is important for staying cool. In the summer, bedding with a percale weave offers a cool option for sleep as it’s light in weight and breathable for good summer sleep.

Linen, in particular, is bedding that’s considered very breathable, but also remains drier in warmer months than cotton options. Linen also does well in winter months and serves as an ideal compromise for co-sleeping when one partner tends to get hotter or colder than the other. It’s also a strong fiber, and does well with regular washing, which is important as clean sheets provide for an improved sleeping environment.

During winter months, which aren’t as far away as they seem now, most people may sleep better with cozier, warmer materials such as bedding with a sateen or twill weave, with additional blankets or covers that can be added or removed, based on the Las Vegas Valley’s often quick changing weather. If cold days quickly turn to warm ones, you should be able to remove blankets or bed coverings quickly. Conversely, when the colder weather returns, you should be able to add them back on to stay warm without much effort.

Bed coverings are an important factor for sleep in Las Vegas with summer nights that often don’t get below 100 degrees and air condition always a factor. When sleeping with a partner, one may need the air down to a lower temperature, whereas the other partner may prefer a warmer setting. This is where lightweight cotton or linen blankets can help, or a lightweight down might be the best choice.

Pillows for Good Rest

When it comes to pillows, down can be light and fluffy and not feel heavy. The material is far more breathable than synthetic options, making it a great option for summer. Pillows are one part of bedding where you may have to sacrifice optimal cooling performance for comfort, as with down some people may not get the support for their necks and heads that they prefer. As with any bedding or sleeping option, what makes you most comfortable has to take the lead over materials. With any and all bedding choices, be sure to check out all of your options and, if you share your bed, collaborate with your sleep partner to make sure all choices suit everyone’s needs. Nothing can disturb sleep more than one partner tossing and turning all night because they are too hot, too cold or generally uncomfortable.

While you can do your best to select bedding that offers the optimal environment for good sleep, if you still struggle, you may have a sleep disorder that requires medical attention. Team at Sleep Center at Comprehensive is here to help if that’s the case. Some indicators that you may need some medical help with sleep include the following:

  • Taking more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night
  • Waking up at night and having trouble falling back to sleep
  • Waking up too early in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep
  • Feeling sleepy during the day and needing to take frequent naps
  • Falling asleep during wrong times during the day including too early or too late
  • During sleep snoring loudly, snorting, gasping, making choking sounds, or stopping breathing for short periods of time
  • Creeping, tingling, or crawling feelings in the legs or arms

These above are general symptom guidelines. What you’re experiencing with your sleep challenges may be different. If any troubles with sleep cannot be resolved by bedding or any other changes, the Sleep Center encourages you to get help.

How Sleep Center at Comprehensive Can Help

Sleep Center at Comprehensive is a team of board-certified pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and administrative support staff who are dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients with sleep disorders. Sleep Center at Comprehensive is part of Comprehensive Cancer Centers, which provides treatment and management of various lung diseases.  Call us at 702-737-5864 for an evaluation.


The content in this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.