Night Terrors

Night Terrors

Sleep Center at Comprehensive treats Night Terrors.

Night terrors are a sleep disorder that causes someone to have episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep. Night terrors can last a few seconds or a few minutes and can also prompt sleepwalking. This is different from a nightmare or dream as people often wake up from a dream and will remember certain details. Upon waking from a night terror, there is no recollection of what happened.

Children often suffer from night terrors but grow out of them when they are teenagers or young adult. If night terrors do not go away, or cause other problems, treatment may help.

Symptoms of Night Terrors

  • Shouting or screaming in fright
  • Siting up in bed and appearing frightened
  • Staring wide-eyed
  • Sweating breathing heavily, and having a racing pulse, flushed face and dilated pupils
  • Kicking and thrashing
  • Difficulty waking up and being confused upon waking
  • Being inconsolable
  • Having no or little memory of the event the next morning
  • Possibly, getting out of bed and running around the house or having aggressive behavior if blocked or restrained

Factors That May Contribute to Night Terrors

  • Sleep deprivation and extreme tiredness
  • Stress
  • Sleep schedule disruptions, travel or sleep interruptions
  • Fever

Treatment for Night Terrors
If you or a loved one might suffer from night terrors, contact Sleep Center at Comprehensive today to schedule a sleep study.